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These desert boxes are a combination of cake,mousse or cream,crunch and fruit filling .They desserts come in a 300g container and in different flavours. 

  1. Oreo mousse. Alternating layers of oreo cookie crumb and chocolate mouse. topped with an oreo cookie. 
  2. Tres les ches. Alternating layers of cream ,vanilla sponge cake and strawberry filling.
  3. Blueberry wine. Alternating layers of vanilla sponge cake soaked in red wine, blueberry filling and cream.
  4. Baileys chocolate mousse. Alternating layers of chocolate cake soaked in baileys, chocolate mouse infused with baileys and cookie crumb.
  5. Cheese cake. single layer of cookie crumb , layer of cheese cream and topped with a layer of strawberry filling.

Dessert Box

  • If goods are damaged you can contact us through email or whatsapp return them and get a new package after 24HRS.

  • Store in the fridge and makes sure you eat before 48hr.

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